Hummingbird Mentality and Open Learning


I’d like to recommend the blog of Gareth Stack Hummingbird mentality. Actually I’m still trying to figure out a way to follow the blog at the moment- Still getting used to Word Press.I like to use the links to blog posts and the books that he talks about to inform my own reading. It’s really nice to have a small group of people where one can leisurely pursue one’s interests and share creativity.The Open Learning Week in Seomra Spraoi recently offered just such an opportunity and I have to say that it really lifted me up. The sharing of ideas and even a modicum of the feeling of being understood made it a really enjoyable experience.

I suppose what excites me so much about his project is that it is never done in a sense. Wherever there is something interesting to talk about and learn or a project that someone wants to do the project is ongoing. That it took place in Seomra Spraoi gave it the feeling of an underground resistance movement. I have written about the insanity of society and I would definitely see this as a counter-culture to that cultural insanity that I have been talking about.

People trying to get together and empower other people to get the information and skills they need. I remember Gareth talking about the hope that he felt when he first went to nerd camp (not its real name but unfortunately I can’t recall it’s real name) for the first time. There was a world of possibility that existed through learning. I have to admit that I found it inspiring. His writing process often requires tricking his brain into thinking it is having a conversation to write. Is this view of the creative process requiring connection with other people that really appeals to me.

Also when I first met Gareth I couldn’t understand how deliberate creative action could be so important to someone. He seemed to get so invested in endless creative endeavour and was very serious about it. I think that now I feel sort of the same way. I mean the uniqueness of someone’s perspective and their expression of that perspective is something that is central to whatever specialness a person has. What could be more important than poetry and expression in this life. Well, arguably, life saving medicine, etc – but if you’re alive you need something to do.

Here is a link to his blog and one of the more recent entries –



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